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Assitej Norway is a national centre in the international ASSITEJ which unites theatre- and dance companies, organisations and individuals throughout the world who produce performing arts for a young audience. Assitej is short for Association Internationale du Theatre pour I’Enfance et la Jeunesse and was formed as an organization in France in 1965, it has now over 70 membering countries. Each year we have Assitej Artistic Gathering, and in 2019 Assitej Norway hosted this grand event in Kristiansand. Next year will be in Tokyo, Japan.

Each year, except this year, Assitej Norway host our international performing arts festival for a young audience in Kristiansand, foremerly known as the Sand festival – now renamed to the Norwegian Assitej Festival.

Assitej Norway also program Teaterlørdag Ung at Sentralen in Oslo, a monthly performing arts program for TYA.

As our goal is to empower performing arts for TYA, both Norwegian and international. In order to implement this, we aid programmers in finding high quality performances within performing arts. Assitej Norway has delivered high quality performances to several festivals and happenings, drawing on our vast national and international network.

Assitej Norway is also a strong and committed member of the Assitej Nordic-Baltic network and we work towards joint projects in this region. We pride ourselves in being great ambassadors for both Norwegian and Nordic-Baltic performing arts practices. Reversed we are also great ambassadors for high quality international performing art in our local regions.

The Norwegian Assitej Festival

We are now programming the next Norwegian Assitej Festival! Click here to read the open call text. Click here to go to the application form.