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15 Sep
Oslo, Norway

Open call: TYA OSLO - Performing Arts Residency

Open Call: ASSITEJ NORWAY’s Residency for Nordic-Baltic Performing Artists in TYA. 28 Nov – 4 Dec 2022

September 15, 2022 9:00 AM
September 15, 2022 5:00 PM
Oslo, Norway
Open Call: ASSITEJ NORWAY’s Residency for Nordic-Baltic Performing Artists in TYA. 28 Nov – 4 Dec 2022


Performing Arts Residency

Open Call: ASSITEJ NORWAY’s Residency for Nordic-Baltic Performing Artists working with theatre for young audiences, taking place in Oslo between November 28th – December4th, 2022. 

The residency is organized by Assitej Norway and is open to any professional performing artist working with theatre or dance for young audiences (TYA), from any of the eight Nordic-Baltic countries.

We are looking for performing artists from the Nordic-Baltic region to participate in this weeklong residency, exploring the topic of Solitude. We wish to explore this topic on an individual, collective, and societal level. We also want to explore solitude in a personal and artistic sense. This residency aims to create a space for exploration and exchange of cultural expressions, methods of working for young audiences and for learning more about each other in our Nordic-Baltic region.

During the residency we will explore the topic through workshops, viewing performances and other events, talks and creative spaces.

The Residency will be led by the Norwegian actor and director Vibeke Flesland Havre. Havre has run her theatre company VFH-Productions since 2008 and has created a number of wonderful performances both for a young audience and for adults. She has her theatre background from Arts Educational School of Acting in London, and also a degree in dramaturgy and political science from the University of Bergen. Vibeke has extensive training in circus, trapeze and acrobatics, and a musical background. These are all elements she includes in her performing arts work. Havre has written and directed several performances, and also worked as an actor at many of the main stages in Norway. She is also the artistic director of Bergen Borgerscene, which is a collaboration with Den Nasjonale Scene and Bergen International Festival. Bergen Borgerscene involves working with non-professionals in a professional productions, and Havre has developed a method for this kind of work focusing on the stories told by the people involved.

In this residency Vibeke Flesland Havre will be the residence facilitator and lead you through your exploration of Solitude. She will guide you both in work initiated by her to ignite creative processes and in your own work and processes. You can read more about Vibeke Flesland Havre here.

Assitej Norway will cover travel, accommodation, meals and an artist’s fee of NOK 10 500 for the week. Application deadline: September 15th.

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The lives of the others

CONNECTUP er et Kreativt Europa-prosjekt, der Assitej Norge og Universitetet i Agder er partnere. Et av hovedmålene for ConnectUp er å bidra til å motvirke de sosiale og kulturelle skillelinjene som er i ferd med å forsterkes i Europa i dag. For å nå ambisjonen om økt kulturell inkludering er det er viktig å gi unge mennesker mulighet til å samarbeide med personer med annen nasjonal, kulturell, sosial og fysisk og psykisk bakgrunn.

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