Helgi Grímur Hermannsson

Helgi Grímur Hermannsson is a theatre artist. He graduated from The Icelandic Academy of Arts with a BA in Theatre and Performance making 2019 and is currently studying MA in creative writing at the University of Iceland. Amongst other things he has directed and written plays for Icelandic High Schools theatre clubs (Verslunarskóli Íslands and Menntaskólinn við Hamrahlíð) in collaboration in Tómas Helgi Baldursson. He was a part of the Reykjavík city Theatre project Umbúðalaust, a stage for young people to develop theyre ideas. Umbúðalaust won the ‚Wand of the Year‘ (loosely translated as a newcomer) at Gríman Icelandic theatre awards. He is currently writing a musical which he has never done before and that is very fun and lovely. Helgi is interested in how our social roles affect us, how relationships between people develop, stereotypes, and how people perform the self. His ideas on stage often develop into tragicomical circumstances or a heightened and more weird reality.