The Girl With the Ugly Face

The Girl With the Ugly Face
The Girl With The Ugly Face

Lisa blir veldig fort sint. Og når hun blir sint, blir hun veldig sint. Dette teaterstykket handler om språk og sinne. Det handler også om vennskap, og hvordan det er mulig å gjøre ting godt igjen når alt føles vondt. Passer for barn fra 6 år og oppover. Med Teaterkompaniet NIE.

Lisa gets angry very fast. And when she gets angry, she gets very angry. She has never beaten anyone or thrown stones at anyone. But she says bad things. One day, she get so angry and says so many bad things, that everyone at the school scream: “Buuuh, buuuh – you have an ugly face!» Lisa runs home thinking that no one understands her. Not the other kids, not the teachers, nor the parents.

This is a show about language and anger. It is also a show about friendship, and how it is possible to make things good again when everything feels bad.

The Girl With the Ugly Face is based on conversations and workshops with children ages 6-9, about the feelings of anger, loneliness and guilt. The feeling of being integrated and not being integrated has been the main focus in the process. We have been working with over a thousand children in Norway, Czech Republic and the UK when we developed this project.

New International Encounter (NIE) is an international company that makes award-winning theatre performances and projects through a mix of physical theatre, multiple languages, live music, storytelling and a European ensemble. We have offices in Asker, Norway and at Cambridge Junction in the UK.