Landesbühnen Sachsen and Ich bin OK

Tabula Rasa

Landesbühnen Sachsen and Ich bin OK

Life has to pay off! Only then it is worth it! Don't get into the red! No mistakes! We have to judge quickly, act and avoid going into the red. – Do we?
Stop it! Now it's a clean sweep. Let's show what we do not have and get to know each other from that side. Prior knowledge, high performance or even earnings are left out! A new look at things begin!

The dance theatre piece "Tabula Rasa" addresses the different ways of life that people lead due to their financial situation and the associated challenges and opportunities. With a group of six dancers with and without disabilities, the piece is a call for inclusion and equality for non-normative people.

As part of the EU project CONNECT UP, the experience and professional dance training of the dancers from Landesbühnen Sachsen (Germany) meets the passion and knowledge of the dancers with and without trisomy 21 from “ich bin o.k.” (Austria). In an encounter at the same level, they exchange their styles and dancing preferences and create a space of experience that shows what new things are possible as soon as the well-trodden tracks are left behind.


Choreography: Simon Wolant Co-Coreography: Attila Zanin Stage and Costume Design: Ralph Zeger Project Management: Johanna Jäger Performers: Simon Couvreur, Gavin Law, Raphael Kadrnoska, Maria Naber, Marianne Reynaudi, Sophie Waldstein

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