Teatro O Bando and Dschungel Wien


Teatro O Bando and Dschungel Wien

After all what is taboo? For whom is it a taboo? And why? Is it a matter of morality, religion, or social conventions? Is taboo always related to a bad feeling? Are pain and death taboos? Can happiness also be taboo? Much of it is about the manifestation of power and only creates more exclusion. “Taboos are there to be broken, burnt, shouted, questioned, or even destroyed."

This CONNECT-UP co-creation brought together two very different companies -- one based in the middle of the valley in Palmela, Portugal, and the other based in the heart of Vienna, Austria. In order to better understand how TABU affects teenagers from both countries, work was developed with schools in Palmela and Vienna, which was a cornerstone in the construction of the show.


direction and staging Juliana Pinho co-direction and choreography Corinne Eckenstein dramaturgy Amarílis Anchieta e Susana Mateus set design Rui Francisco costumes Catarina Fernandes music Maria Taborda and Jason Macedo production Inês Gregório , Anna Sonntag and Annamaria Waliczky sound design Miguel Lima light design Michael Zweimüller, Hannes Röbisch and Rita Louzeiro graphic design Maria Taborda with Elif Bilici, Maria Taborda, Nérika Amaral and Rafael Barreto created by Teatro O Bando co-produced by Dschungel Wien under the European project ConnectUp

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