Nordic-Baltic ASSITEJ Network Presents: A Showcase of Performing Arts from the Nordic-Baltic Region

Nordic-Baltic ASSITEJ Network Presents: A Showcase of Performing Arts from the Nordic-Baltic Region

In a celebration of creativity and collaboration, the Nordic-Baltic ASSITEJ Network (NBAN) announces two groundbreaking events aimed at fostering connections within the performing arts community and expanding opportunities for artists across borders.

The Nordic-Baltic Network Pitch: Unveiling the Future of Performance

Following a careful selection process, 16 artists have been chosen to showcase the diverse range of talent within the region. From stirring theatrical productions to innovative dance performances, each pitch offers a glimpse into the vibrant landscape of Nordic-Baltic performing arts. The artists in the Speed-Pitch Event will engage in one-on-one conversations with programmers, offering a more intimate and interactive platform for showcasing their work. The artists in the NBAN-Pitch will present to a larger audience, followed by a mingle afterwards.

Speed-Pitching Event:: A Personalized Approach to Collaboration

The first event on the opening day of the Bibu Festival, May 15th,, will see eight dynamic performing artists/companies from the Nordic-Baltic region presenting their work in a high-energy pitch session to invited international programmers. Each participant will have just five minutes to captivate the audience with their performance and company vision, followed by a brief turnover for the next pitch. With representatives from each of the Nordic-Baltic countries, the event promises a rich tapestry of expressions in performing arts.

NBAN-Pitching Event:: Eight Inspiring Pitches

The second event the following day starts off with the NBAN-Pitch. Here eight selected artists will present their shows,, ready for touring, to a larger audience. This event is open to anyone, and what a great way to be inspired!

After the pitch the attendees will have the opportunity to engage with the artists, fostering meaningful collaborations and exploring potential programming opportunities in the NBAN MIngle. With the support of ASSITEJ Norway and the NBAN, these connections have the potential to blossom into international touring ventures, enriching the global performing arts community.

But the event isn't just about presentations; it's about forging connections. With a focus on fostering dialogue and connection, these sessions provide programmers with a deeper understanding of each artist's vision and the potential for collaboration.

Building Bridges Through Art

At its core, these events are about more than just pitching performances; they're about building bridges—between artists, between countries, and between cultures.By creating opportunities for collaboration and dialogue, the NBAN aims to amplify the voices of Nordic-Baltic performing artists on the global stage.

As the Bibu festival unfolds, attendees are invited to immerse themselves in this vibrant tapestry of creativity, forging connections that transcend borders and celebrating the rich diversity of the performing arts landscape. The NBAN will have daily walks and talks on different topics, the NBAN-lounge is open from 11-15 everyday of the festival, and make sure not to miss our seminars!

For more information and updates on the Nordic-Baltic ASSITEJ Network events, visit the official ASSITEJ Norway website and social media channels.

About ASSITEJ Norway:

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