TYAOslo Application Closed and Selection Process Beginning

TYAOslo Application Closed and Selection Process Beginning

Ten days after the TYAOslo residency application deadline we're happy to announce the amazing number of applications for this years residency!

Early in april we announced the application for the 2024 TYAOslo residency open for performing artists based in Europe and now, ten days after the application deadline, we want to thank all the applicants and give some insight in the process going forward.

We received a whooping 62 applicants for TYAOslo 2024 focusing on art as humanitarian aid. We are well under way with setting up the schedule for the residency that will take place in week 40 between September 30th and October 6th. Out of the 62 applicants we will be selecting 10 artists who will come to Oslo in Norway to participate in the residency. We will cover the cost of the travels, hotel, per diems (equivalent of 600NOK per day) and an artist's fee of 12 000 NOK for the whole week.

All applicants should now have been contacted and received information about the process going forward. Due to some limited time and our participation at the World Congress and Artistic Gathering in Cuba the next couple of weeks we do ask for some patience, but the selection committee will be reading the applications as soon as possible.

If you have not been contacted regarding your application, please contact Audun on audun.kruger@assitej.no so that we can look into it.

Watch this space and our social media for updates!